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onelovetwolove_oI’m Deborah Walden Ossi, and I would like to thank you for visiting One Love Two Love and welcome you to this site. I started this blog because I’ve been a writer for many years now, but I wanted a place to explore the creative life more fully–with lots of new friends. I have always loved art. I started taking drawing lessons at age twelve, and I took all of the courses I needed for my art major (but I only have a minor since I was on study abroad when my senior show was due–France was just more fun than a senior show:) I later got my MA in art history, but like many other creative people out there, I stopped making my own art as I got more busy with my career.

Part of the goal of One Love Two Love is to inspire readers through educational posts with people who are living creative lives. Even something as simple as making crepes for the first time or decorating for your daughter’s graduation party can become a creative outlet. Art and creativity make me happy, and I want the tone of this blog to be inspiring and motivational. I would love for you to join me on your own creative path.

Creating this this blog has been so much fun, and I am excited you are here to share it with me! I have enjoyed making this site beautiful (I went overboard and even hand-lettered all of my logos) and meeting the wonderful experts in Denver who have helped me make this possible. I’ve talked to many creative people in Denver, and I look forward to telling their stories.

I would also like to say a big thank you to my husband Eddie, who has helped me so much with this project, and to my family who has always encouraged me to be creative and embrace what I love.

All The Best,



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